YATKE is our machine learning platform that proactively collects and analyzes disparate pieces of data to understand the story of each consumer.

Yatke is based on hundreds of data sources (some public, some proprietary), billions of data points and many algorithms, with more being built. Yatke empowers food companies and NGO’s to transition away from a reliance on gut and hype, and towards data-driven evidence and deep insights. It spots under-the-radar opportunities and trends that otherwise go unnoticed.

Food Trends Insights

What is happening?

A major challenge for any food company or retailer in the food and grocery industry is understanding the consumer trends of today, and identifying the trends of tomorrow.

The ‘Not Yet’ Customer

YATKE also offers ‘the V-Range’. This tool shows, on a scale from Carnist to Vegan, the attitude of consumers and organisations towards plant-based products. YATKE shows age, gender and location.

Ecosystem Intelligence

Who makes it Happen?

YATKE helps you to fully understand the heartbeat of the Plant Based Foods ecosystem.

Influencers are not only on YouTube. They are on Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat. And what is an influencer anyway?
We believe that anyone in the Ecosystem is an influencer. This can be a brand, a blogger, a chef, an NGO, a celebirty and even an eatery.
We offer a better understanding of more then 500K influencers in more than 20 countries.

Geographic Analysis

Where is it happening?

Berlin is not Toronto is not Barcelona. Location matters. Thats’s why we provide Geographic analysis tools to get a better understanding of a city or neighbourhood.