YATKE wants to help create a world where we eat delicious, healthy food and use amazing products that make us happy and have minimum impact on the planet.

Based on public data we help organisations shifting to an offer without a cow. That’s why we build a platform that collects, enriches and analyses data from the worldwide sustainable food ecosystem: users, NGO’s, companies, bloggers and various other media. We provide Aggregated Data as a Service.


What’s in an name?

The way we buy and eat meat has changed a lot over time. Just like the old Polish butchers stalls have changed, we want to change how we buy and eat.

yatke (butcher’s stall) (Polish: jatka) – a stall, stand or wooden shed that was originally used to sell food as well as shoemaking, leather and carpentry goods. Later on, these establishments started to focus exclusively on the sale of meat. In the middle ages they remained the property of municipal authorities, leased out to local craftsmen by the guilds; during the 20th century, the name was also used to describe stores which offered meat products for affordable prices.